Activities near the Hotel Bertran in Salàs de Pallars

Salàs de Pallars is located in the Conca Alta de Tremp, between the towns of La Pobla de Segur and Tremp in the Pallars Jussà area 573 m. above sea level.
Visit our land and enjoy the activities on offer.

The Lleida Wine Route

The Lleida Wine Route

The Lleida Wine Route is a journey through the gastronomy, culture and geography of Lleida through its wineries. A wine tour in which traditional and innovative wines sketch a landscape where the past, present and future come together.
Wineries of Pallars that you can visit: Castell d’Encús, Mas Garcia-Muret, Celler VilaCorona.
Tel. 902 250 050
Montsec Astronomy Park

Montsec Astronomy Park 42 Km

The Montsec Astronomy Park (PAM) is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia through the Montsec Consortium, to make the most of the aptitude and potential of the Montsec area to carry out research, training and dissemination of science, in particular astronomy.
Tel. 973 053 022
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BikeFosca - Mountain Biking Routes

BikeFosca - Mountain Biking Routes 15 Km

The BikeFosca route is designed to take full advantage of one of Vall Fosca's finest corners and its surrounding area.
We make all of the charms of this valley available to you, one of the least well-known in the Pyrenees, with its spectacular scenery, the solitude of its trails, the charm of its villages and the distinctive gastronomy of Pallars.
Tel. 646 448 279
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Butterfly Museum - Pujalt

Butterfly Museum - Pujalt 106 Km

Butterflies, the most beautiful of insects, known and loved by everyone. At the Butterfly Museum of Catalonia, in Pujalt in the municipal area of Sort, you can admire all of the species that inhabit Catalonia in all of their varieties, and discover in depth their world, their relationships with their surroundings and all sorts of details about their lives and habits.
Tel. 973 62 07 43 / 655 475 661
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The Dellà Basin Museum - Cretaceous Park

The Dellà Basin Museum - Cretaceous Park 27 Km

The Dellà Basin Museum, which is also the visitors centre for the Cretaceous Park, is the site of an amazing journey through time. This museum centre makes it possible to discover an area that used to be occupied by the Romans, and much earlier was home to some of the last dinosaurs to walk the earth.
Tel. 973 665 062
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Rafting in Sort

Rafting in Sort 33 Km

Rafting is the star amongst adventure sports. It consists of descending the white waters of a river, in this case the best river, the Noguera Pallaresa, guided solely by paddles and always accompanied by a professional.
Tel. 973 620 220
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Llavorsí Rafting

Llavorsí Rafting 48 Km

Rafting consists of descending the white waters of the Noguera Pallaresa in an inflatable dinghy, with the help of paddles, dodging the rocks in the way and at all times avoiding falling into the water.
For this reason, it is carried out in a group to share the excitement and the risk.
Tel. 973 622 158
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Paragliding in Àger

Paragliding in Àger 40 Km

If you want to discover the Vall d'Àger from the air, we offer the chance to try paragliding. You will fly from Montsec with an experienced pilot.
Tel. 973 455 023
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Climbing in Àger

Climbing in Àger 38 Km

The Redrum is one of Cap del Ras's most popular routes. It is a traditional route that avoids a couple of roofs in its lower section before taking a more direct line to the top.[...]
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Skiing at Espot Esquí and Port Ainé

Skiing at Espot Esquí and Port Ainé 70 Km

Ski Pallars-Espot Esquí, a resort where you can enjoy a family snow holiday without crowds at a reasonable price.
Tel. 973 62 40 58 / 973 62 76 07
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Skiing at Boí Taüll

Skiing at Boí Taüll 68 Km

This ski resort has the highest trails in the Catalan Pyrenees, on the Cap de les Raspes Roies at 2,747.3 m. (The mountain's summit is at 2,758.7 metres.)
The ski station is located at the head of the Mulleres valley, and extends across most of the surrounding mountains and crests, in particular to the south and east.
Tel. 902 406 640
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