Hotel Bertran - Bar


Grandma Ignàsia, the matriarch of the house, supervised the kitchen and kept alive the passion for perfect classic cooking with age-old culinary values that date back to her grandparents in the mid-19th century. Her daughter Dolors, the cook and manager of the house, has continued her teachings with an updated style of cooking and a comfortable new space with beautiful views of the houses of the old Solana wall and the Bruixes Gorge.

Hotel Bertran Restaurant

The house specialities are:
· Grandma's cannelloni
· Stuffed aubergines
· Stewed pig's trotters
· Charcoal grilled meat…

Hotel Bertran Restaurant

The restaurant is located in a large multi-purpose hall that allows celebrations, group dinners or meetings and has a projection room attached.
(Check availability in advance.)

Hotel Bertran Menu

The menu consists of a starter, main course and choice of deserts. Drinks and coffee not included.

Price of the menu (inc. VAT):
Working days: €16.00
Weekends and public holidays: €19.00

Dishes can vary according to the day and the season. There is also a selection of dishes with an extra charge on top of the menu price.

Catalan style stewed beans
Stuffed aubergines
Grandma's cannelloni
Green salad
Macaroni Bolognese au gratin
Pasta and meatball soup

Main courses
Stewed pig's trotters
Veal medallions with mushrooms
Veal medallion
Navarra-style river trout
Charcoal grilled llonganissa sausage
Charcoal grilled steak

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