Hotel Bertran

Hotel Hotel

The Hotel Bertran is a family business located at the entrance to Salàs de Pallars, a village with a medieval past that was the residence of the old Counts of Pallars.

The hotel used to be an old inn that provided food and lodging for travellers and people who were attending the famous Salàs de Pallars horse and donkey fair. The hotel is currently run by two members of the same family.
Interior courtyard of the Hotel Bertran

The Hotel Bertran has comfortable rooms with TV, heating, air conditioning and a fully equipped bathroom.

The hotel has a spacious lounge at your disposal where you can relax and, during the winter, enjoy the warmth of the open fire. You can also use the bar-café, a modern and welcoming space.
Interior courtyard of the Hotel Bertran

The Hotel Bertran's building is centred around the old space for livestock; a space that is characteristic and distinctive of Salàs de Pallars because of its history as somewhere with a large livestock fair.

The arches and central courtyard have been integrated into the spaces that make up the hotel.
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